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Hi, I'm Charlotte. I'm married to a really awesome and sweet guy named Wes.

The first thing you should know about us is how we met. It was on thanksgiving day in 2009. We were on a Southwest airplane. I actually saw Wes in the airport before the flight and thought he was the cutest guy I had ever seen in my life. I had no idea he was on my flight but I watched him walk by and I was in awe of him. I couldn't stop thinking about him. I boarded the plane early and chose a middle seat about four rows from the front of the plane. I sat down next to a friendly looking woman in her 40's. Why I picked the middle seat I have no idea, who picks a middle seat on purpose? I chatted with the woman while the rest of the plane boarded all the way to the back, but the aisle seat next to me was still empty.

On our very first date the day after Wes returned from Iraq

Wes had seen me in the airport too and he thought that I was really pretty (he is way too nice). So when he was one of the last to board the plane and he saw the aisle seat next to me was open he sat down. Que heart attack. I thought I was going to die. The woman in the window seat noticed immediately and took on the role of match maker, asking us all sorts of questions. Wes was heading back to his Air Force base and he was deploying to Iraq the next day.  At the end of the flight, I was smitten and I knew it was something big. We exchanged emails and over the next 7 months we emailed everyday. I was in love. I knew he was the one and I was just waiting for him to come home so we could meet for a second time. It was surreal.

This was our first summer together

I moved from Michigan out to the Chicago suburbs 8 months later and we got married 1 year after that on March 16 2012. I believe with my whole heart that God brought us together. Our meeting on that airplane was divine intervention.

Wes got out of the Air Force summer of 2010 and started undergrad right away. I had graduated with my degree in Interior Design the year before and was lucky enough to find an amazing new design job immediately upon my move to Chicago. Wes is now in his 4th year of medical school and I'm working as a sales rep for a fabric company in the design industry.

We live in the west suburbs of Chicago with our two crazy and adorable bengal cats. Wes loves to bike, especially on a tandem with me:) He also loves cooking and baking, and he is a natural on the guitar. I enjoy anything that has to do with interior design and organizing. But mostly I just love being around people. I'm super social and most of my joy comes from my friends and family. Wes' family lives about 20 minutes away and my family mostly lives back in Michigan, with the exception of my brothers family who lives 45 minutes away. We have 12 nephews and nieces on my side, so our baby will make grandchild #13 for my parents, and grandchild #1 for Wes' parents. We love our families and can't wait to grow our own! Here are a few more pictures of us.

Riding on our tandem bike

Charlotte's family rafting in northern Michigan

Charlotte and nephew Danny

Wes and nephew Joey

My parents, sister and brother in law

Me and Wes in Rome

My parents, sister and brother in law

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