Wes and I originally planned to wait until his 4th year of medical school before we started having kids. It seemed like the responsible thing to do at the time. But then I started developing this incurable longing to become a mother, so we started trying in May 2014. I thought I was pregnant the first month. We were so sure I was pregnant that we even bought pregnancy announcements for our families. I was shocked when my period started. We tried again. And again.....Still not pregnant.

Let me back up a bit. Growing up I had excruciating periods. Doctors kept telling me it was normal to have painful periods and the only thing that would help was birth control. So I felt that was my only option to function. After stopping the birth control my periods started getting progressively worse each month, and the pain started showing up other times of the month too. We started seeing a Reproductive Endocrinologist and did rounds of tests to check hormone levels, to make sure my tubes were clear, and to confirm that I was ovulating. Besides some low hormone levels everything looked pretty normal. Endometriosis can only be diagnosed through laparoscopic surgery. There are no tests for it and it is invisible on an ultrasound. We weren't ready to do surgery yet.

We tried various fertility treatments for the rest of the year. In October 2015 I had the laparoscopy done and I was officially diagnosed with moderate endometriosis. It was so validating to see the pictures of the adhesions and scar tissue in all the places that I had felt pain. They say the best time to get pregnant is the 6 months after surgery. We gave it all we had. I started doing shots, almost daily ultrasounds and blood draws to check my hormone levels and follicle (egg) development. I was ovulating with 3-4 eggs each month. I was obsessing over getting pregnant like my life depended on it. It turned into a very dark time in my life.

The statistics are about 40%-60% of women with endometriosis never get pregnant. I have about a 1% chance of conceiving each month. But there is still a chance and we will never stop praying for a miracle.

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