Wes and I always talked about how cool it would be to adopt. It's something we have always wanted to do. We just didn't think it might be the only way for us to have a family. The more we think about it though the more we feel peace and like this has been God's plan for us all along. The weight that I felt lifted off my shoulders when we decided to pursue adoption was indescribable. And if God brings a child to us like he brought Wes and I together, then there is a pretty spectacular story out there waiting to unfold, and we can't wait for it!

We are working with Christian Adoption Consultants to find our baby! They are an incredible group to work with! They help us sign up with multiple agencies and lawyers who are ethical and really care for birth mothers before and after placement of their baby. Signing up with multiple agencies will help us reach more expectant mothers in the hope of finding our baby sooner.


  1. You are a beautiful, Godly couple and I am positive that God has a wonderful plan for your family!! God will bless you abundantly for not only following His will for your lives, but also for opening your home and hearts in such a selfless way!! You will be in my prayers!

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