Thursday, September 15, 2016

Baby Sorrill has been FOUND!!!!

Baby Sorrill has been FOUND!!!!
Adoption match
WE ARE MATCHED!!!!! We got the call first thing Tuesday morning (September 13th) that an expectant mother who had seen our profile book the day before had selected us to be the parents to her baby BOY!!! And he is due January 16th!! Be still my heart, we are going to have a SON!!! We are both in shock and over the moon excited! When the girl at the agency was telling me about how excited this expectant mother was about us I just kept saying "what? What? US??? Are you SERIOUS??" Lol she probably thought I was crazy, and deaf. 
Not the best picture, but who has time for pictures at a time like this!

We can't believe that this happened so fast. We matched in just THREE SHORT WEEKS!!! Guys, this is unheard of! I didn't think we would wait very long, but I am in total shock that it happened so fast! All I can say is that God is SO GOOD!! Having four months to prepare for baby boy is really perfect for us with Wes having to schedule residency interviews in the next few months. I don't think the timing could be any better and I really feel like God had our backs on this one.

So I want to just marvel at the timing for a minute longer. April was the month when we were really hardcore talking about adoption and if it was the right thing to do. My heart was being pulled SO HARD to adopt. I felt so strongly that we had to adopt and I remember feeling desperate. And it was urgent! We couldn't wait, we had to start now! April is the month that our baby boy was conceived. Right as our baby was being created I felt God telling us that now was the time. Fast forward 4ish months to when we went active with our agencies...and three short weeks later our baby has found us, and we have found him. 

I still can't believe it....   We have gotten a lot of questions the last few days. So here are some answers!  

Where will the baby be born? Baby will be born in Florida!     

Will we meet the expectant mother? Yes!! We are hoping to have a conference call with her and her agency case worker soon. She also asked if we could come out to Florida to meet her in a month or two so she can get to know us better!  

What information do we have on the birth family? This information is really private. It's hard to not spill all the details to everyone, especially for me as an over-sharer, but we are respecting the future privacy of our child. This is HIS story and HIS story alone to tell. We do not want people knowing about his first family and all the gossip about whatever and whoever before he even knows this information himself. When he grows up, if he wants to tell people about his birth family he can. But for now, all that's important is that a strong, courageous, and incredibly loving and selfless woman is making the hard choice that she wants her son to have a better life than what she can give him, and she wants US to give him that life.   

What's next? Now we have to prepare and nest! We also have a lot of fundraising left to do. The majority of our adoption fee was due up front but we still have a large amount to raise before placement, and we will be staying in Florida for about 2 weeks after the birth so we will have a lot of travel expenses as well. If any of you feel in your heart that you want to help us, whether monetary or in prayer, we would be forever grateful!!  

How can we pray? PLEASE pray for the precious mother carrying baby boy. Pray that she feels overwhelmed with peace in her decision with us. Pray that baby boy continues to grow and thrive and is healthy. And please pray for us as we prepare to become parents!!   

Thank you all so much for following along on this exciting journey to parenthood with us! Stay tuned for more details as things happen!!

Our cats are confused and think that they are our babies lol

Thursday, September 8, 2016

I always wondered what this would be like


Adoption Process
We have finally entered the waiting phase of the adoption process. The phase where our book is actually being shown to expectant mothers and we are waiting to hear if they picked us or not. And I mean like right now, this afternoon/evening. A pregnant mother took our book home today and could be looking at it this very minute as I type this. I always wondered what this would feel like. And I think it's different than I expected, at least so far. I expected to be over the top with anxiety and nerves. I'm definitely anxious, but I feel calm and peaceful. I feel EXCITED!! I think I just really know that this is where God lead us and I know that he has OUR baby lined up for us, and we just have to patiently wait.  So what do we do while we wait? We go for tandem bike rides of course!!
In the meantime...we got another situation emailed to us today and they need to know right away if we want to show our book, but we have to wait until we hear back from this mom who has our book right now. I'm more anxious about not hearing back in time and missing this other situation. I really don't want to miss our baby. And every time I see an email from our consultant I literally get so excited I have to pull my car over to read about it. This excitement guys, it's insane! I'm not looking forward to the feeling of rejection, and we very well could get rejected a lot of times before we get our match. We know it's nothing personal, but it's still not a nice feeling, especially when we are being so vulnerable in putting ourselves out there.  

Fundraising Update

Our puzzle fundraiser is so close to being done!! We only need 43 more pieces to be sponsored!! I am so grateful and thankful for everyone that has helped us!! Fundraising is HARD. It's not our thing. We (especially Wes) hate having to admit that we need help with this. But with Wes still being in medical school and me being the only one supporting us right now, it's just not possible for this to happen on our own. It's been humbling and it's really been an amazing blessing to see so many people pool together to help us. I've cried so many heartfelt tears of gratitude over the help we have received so far! I never realized how precious and meaningful this puzzle would be, and how much I would cherish it. So if anyone else is willing to help us sponsor our last 43 pieces (of a 252 piece puzzle) we would be forever grateful! If you can't help monetarily then please share this with someone who might be interested, and most of all, PLEASE PRAY FOR US AND OUR BABY!! And most of all, thank you for all of your continued prayers, support and encouragement!

To sponsor a piece: Click on my YouCaring or Paypal link to the right of my blog. $25 sponsors 1 puzzle piece. I will put the names of people down for any donations we get! If you would like to send a check then email me and I will send you our address


Puzzle fundraiser



Licensed to parent

This was actually written on 8/19/2016 but my blogger app didn't publish it like I thought.  Our home study is finally complete!! After our last meeting with our social worker in mid July, we waited for 5 weeks to have the home study typed up and finalized. This means that now we are officially official. We are licensed to be parents, literally licensed lol. 
I was so excited when our home study copy came in the mail. It's different than I expected. I'm not even sure what I expected actually, I think I just didn't know. But it's 13 pages and it's basically a detailed story of our lives. It's like a college essay that covers everything from our childhood, how we were raised, our family members, our education, how we met, our dating/marriage, how we plan to discipline our kids (did I mention that we had to sign a paper saying that we will not spank our kids?), what we plan to do for childcare, how much training we had, how much money we make....literally everything. 
We first applied for our home study on May 3rd. And we got our completed copy on August 20th, so it took about 3.5 months from start to finish. That's not bad. I was hoping we could do it faster just because I'm so anxious to have a baby in my arms, but I think we did pretty good.
So now we are officially signed up with four different agencies in Florida. These are all agencies that our CAC consultant works with and recommended. So now that we are officially a waiting family, I guess we just wait. I've never been so excited to wait before. And I've been trying to figure out how this waiting will compare to the two week wait. The two week wait is the two weeks after ovulation that you wait before you know if you will get your period or your positive pregnancy test. I think the difference is, I know I will get my (metaphorically) positive test at the end of this wait, I just don't know how long the wait will be. And THAT is thrilling!! I feel like I'm pregnant but I don't have a due date, or any other information. It's a feeling that
Do you want to know a realization that hit me the other day? I was thinking about my journey with God through all of this. All the anger that I felt last year, and all the feelings of "how can He be a good God when he is holding something so Good back from me" etc. It was a HARD time going through those fertility treatments and getting negative after negative. I felt like God hated me. I felt broken and like I must have done something to not be good enough to be a mother. My last crazy medicated cycle was February and March, I obviously didn't conceive and I was devastated. But, then I had this thought. Maybe our baby was conceived, or was about to be, but just not conceived by me. And I bet God was up there, smiling at my tear smeared face, saying "just trust me. You don't know this yet, but your baby WAS conceived, and you ARE a mother, you just don't know it yet". But I was too focused on ME not getting pregnant. I had no idea this was going to happen so fast. I'm still not sure how it happened so fast. We went from planning on doing months more of fertility treatments to WE NEED TO ADOPT RIGHT NOW. And here we are, only a few months later and waiting for the call that a selfless, wonderful expectant mother has chosen us and we get to be the new parents to a precious babe.