Thursday, September 15, 2016

Baby Sorrill has been FOUND!!!!

Baby Sorrill has been FOUND!!!!
Adoption match
WE ARE MATCHED!!!!! We got the call first thing Tuesday morning (September 13th) that an expectant mother who had seen our profile book the day before had selected us to be the parents to her baby BOY!!! And he is due January 16th!! Be still my heart, we are going to have a SON!!! We are both in shock and over the moon excited! When the girl at the agency was telling me about how excited this expectant mother was about us I just kept saying "what? What? US??? Are you SERIOUS??" Lol she probably thought I was crazy, and deaf. 
Not the best picture, but who has time for pictures at a time like this!

We can't believe that this happened so fast. We matched in just THREE SHORT WEEKS!!! Guys, this is unheard of! I didn't think we would wait very long, but I am in total shock that it happened so fast! All I can say is that God is SO GOOD!! Having four months to prepare for baby boy is really perfect for us with Wes having to schedule residency interviews in the next few months. I don't think the timing could be any better and I really feel like God had our backs on this one.

So I want to just marvel at the timing for a minute longer. April was the month when we were really hardcore talking about adoption and if it was the right thing to do. My heart was being pulled SO HARD to adopt. I felt so strongly that we had to adopt and I remember feeling desperate. And it was urgent! We couldn't wait, we had to start now! April is the month that our baby boy was conceived. Right as our baby was being created I felt God telling us that now was the time. Fast forward 4ish months to when we went active with our agencies...and three short weeks later our baby has found us, and we have found him. 

I still can't believe it....   We have gotten a lot of questions the last few days. So here are some answers!  

Where will the baby be born? Baby will be born in Florida!     

Will we meet the expectant mother? Yes!! We are hoping to have a conference call with her and her agency case worker soon. She also asked if we could come out to Florida to meet her in a month or two so she can get to know us better!  

What information do we have on the birth family? This information is really private. It's hard to not spill all the details to everyone, especially for me as an over-sharer, but we are respecting the future privacy of our child. This is HIS story and HIS story alone to tell. We do not want people knowing about his first family and all the gossip about whatever and whoever before he even knows this information himself. When he grows up, if he wants to tell people about his birth family he can. But for now, all that's important is that a strong, courageous, and incredibly loving and selfless woman is making the hard choice that she wants her son to have a better life than what she can give him, and she wants US to give him that life.   

What's next? Now we have to prepare and nest! We also have a lot of fundraising left to do. The majority of our adoption fee was due up front but we still have a large amount to raise before placement, and we will be staying in Florida for about 2 weeks after the birth so we will have a lot of travel expenses as well. If any of you feel in your heart that you want to help us, whether monetary or in prayer, we would be forever grateful!!  

How can we pray? PLEASE pray for the precious mother carrying baby boy. Pray that she feels overwhelmed with peace in her decision with us. Pray that baby boy continues to grow and thrive and is healthy. And please pray for us as we prepare to become parents!!   

Thank you all so much for following along on this exciting journey to parenthood with us! Stay tuned for more details as things happen!!

Our cats are confused and think that they are our babies lol


  1. Oh my love, I'm so excited for you! I will be covering the next few months in prayer!!!

  2. Hi! I HIGHLY recommend My Sisters the Saints, by Colleen Carroll Campbell. It's her wonderful story about their struggles with fertility and how five female saints got her through. It's simply a must read! Praying for you to St Gerard Majella, for the selfless mother, you, and your precious son.

  3. How exciting for you. I am assuming so.. but with this be an open adoption? Open adoptions are so beautiful for all. Very happy for your family.

    1. Yes it will be open! We are hoping we can have a really strong relationship with the mom. Starting to build it now while we wait for baby!