Thursday, September 8, 2016

I always wondered what this would be like


Adoption Process
We have finally entered the waiting phase of the adoption process. The phase where our book is actually being shown to expectant mothers and we are waiting to hear if they picked us or not. And I mean like right now, this afternoon/evening. A pregnant mother took our book home today and could be looking at it this very minute as I type this. I always wondered what this would feel like. And I think it's different than I expected, at least so far. I expected to be over the top with anxiety and nerves. I'm definitely anxious, but I feel calm and peaceful. I feel EXCITED!! I think I just really know that this is where God lead us and I know that he has OUR baby lined up for us, and we just have to patiently wait.  So what do we do while we wait? We go for tandem bike rides of course!!
In the meantime...we got another situation emailed to us today and they need to know right away if we want to show our book, but we have to wait until we hear back from this mom who has our book right now. I'm more anxious about not hearing back in time and missing this other situation. I really don't want to miss our baby. And every time I see an email from our consultant I literally get so excited I have to pull my car over to read about it. This excitement guys, it's insane! I'm not looking forward to the feeling of rejection, and we very well could get rejected a lot of times before we get our match. We know it's nothing personal, but it's still not a nice feeling, especially when we are being so vulnerable in putting ourselves out there.  

Fundraising Update

Our puzzle fundraiser is so close to being done!! We only need 43 more pieces to be sponsored!! I am so grateful and thankful for everyone that has helped us!! Fundraising is HARD. It's not our thing. We (especially Wes) hate having to admit that we need help with this. But with Wes still being in medical school and me being the only one supporting us right now, it's just not possible for this to happen on our own. It's been humbling and it's really been an amazing blessing to see so many people pool together to help us. I've cried so many heartfelt tears of gratitude over the help we have received so far! I never realized how precious and meaningful this puzzle would be, and how much I would cherish it. So if anyone else is willing to help us sponsor our last 43 pieces (of a 252 piece puzzle) we would be forever grateful! If you can't help monetarily then please share this with someone who might be interested, and most of all, PLEASE PRAY FOR US AND OUR BABY!! And most of all, thank you for all of your continued prayers, support and encouragement!

To sponsor a piece: Click on my YouCaring or Paypal link to the right of my blog. $25 sponsors 1 puzzle piece. I will put the names of people down for any donations we get! If you would like to send a check then email me and I will send you our address


Puzzle fundraiser




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