Saturday, June 11, 2016

June Happenings

Hey everyone! Well, lots has been happening here the last week. Several people have already participated in our Puzzle Fundraiser which has been so amazing and exciting!! I'll do an update on that soon. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped us!!!

Last weekend we drove to Ann Arbor to visit lots of family and go to my friends bridal shower. My friend was nice enough to take some pictures of me and Wes for our adoption profile book! They turned out really cute and I'm so excited to work on our book more. Here are some of the pictures:) Thank you so much Kelly for taking these!!!

So the most exciting news is that we finally got our first big chunk of home study stuff done and the papers and our check were all mailed! We had a frustrating delay with one of Wes' medical forms but he got it straightened out in person the next day so it didn't hold us up more than 2 days, which is good because I was so excited I was going crazy. Now the next step is waiting for the home study coordinator to call us to schedule our FIRST in person meeting at the agency. I've been really anxious for this because it will make the process seem a little bit more real. I am HOPING we can be finished with the home study by the end of July. Please say some prayers for us that we can keep it moving quickly! 

me mailing our big packet of forms to the home study agency!

Please keep praying with us that our home study continues to move along and that we can be approved soon and ready to be showing our profile book to expectant mothers. And please pray for our precious future child and his/her mother and family right now. I keep feeling this sense of urgency in running out and finding him/her. This is going to be the most prayed for baby ever!!

Thanks for checking in and being a part of this journey with us!!!

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