Sunday, July 31, 2016

Fundraiser Updates

First, thank you all so much for the love and kind words you sent our way about our adoption profile book. It was really exciting sharing it with all of you! AND, I just have to keep saying how blown away we are by everyone who is helping us meet our fundraising goals. It has been so humbling and heart warming and I just can't thank everyone enough.  

Puzzle Fundraiser Update

We have had 190 pieces of our puzzle sponsored so far!!! I can't believe we are actually almost done with this 252 piece puzzle! There are still 62 pieces left if anyone else is interested in helping us complete the puzzle. It is $25 to sponsor 1 puzzle piece. (You can donate via our YouCaring page here or Paypal, or if you aren't comfortable with YouCaring or Paypal, you can send us a check or use Chase Quickpay too, just email me at and I'll send you info).  It is so much fun to write names down on the puzzle and watch it come together. I can't wait to hang it in the nursery:) If you want to go back to our original puzzle post for more details on how you can be a part of this click here
190 pieces claimed so far, only 62 pieces left!!
Puzzle fundraiser
Do you see these 7 names across the top? My nephews and nieces have pooled together their babysitting money to sponsor a piece for each kid in their family. I CRIED when my sister in law told me they were doing this for us.


Puzzle fundraiser

Jewelry Fundraiser Update

I am still making jewelry to sell in my Etsy shop. Slowly but surely I'm adding new pieces here and there. BY FAR the love knot bracelet has been the most popular item, so much so that I've even calling it our adoption bracelet. I can make these bracelets in lots of color combinations and I might go get more bead colors so there is more variation. So far the white and gold has been everyone's favorite. I am selling these for $15 and 100% goes towards our adoption! So if you are interested in having one of our adoption bracelets then check it out here
Love knot bracelet
This is our love knot "adoption bracelet"
Adoption bracelet
Our adoption bracelet being modeled from across the country!
  Some of the other items that people have loved are my tassel necklaces and beaded hoop earrings. I've been trying to come up with some unique pieces that are trendy and stylish. Most of these I only have beads to make one necklace so they are totally one of a kind and once gone I can't make another. So if you like something, don't wait because there won't be another one later. Here are some of my favorites that are in my Etsy shop right now. 
Beaded hoop earrings
Beaded hoop earrings
Thank you again everyone for all of your support whether financially, in prayer, or in encouragement. It all means so much to us. This is a time we are never going to forget. Have a great week!!

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